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If you are wondering what to do in this class to get a grade, follow these steps. (You may contact me at any time, but I will expect you've read this and gone through the steps.)

All READING assignments are listed on the Course Calendar (off your course main page) by title and are located in the course text book.

All WRITING assignments are located on the message board and also in Assignments for Out of Class Papers link off Paper Format and Test Instructions.

To complete an assignment follow these instructions.

Read the week's READING assignments, listed in the Course Calendar. The week's Thematic Elements and or Critical Analyses to be studied are listed on the Calendar. Find out how to use the appropriate thematic elements and or critical analyses in Literary Terms.

Find the WRITING assignment on the Message Board.

Find your Secondary Sources in the Library and off the English I-Net Resource List. For rules using these sources correctly in your paper, see Quoting Your Sources and Secondary Sources located in Paper Format and Test Instructions.

To help develop your paper and its focus, join the discussion live in the chat room, the instructions and directions to which are located in the Chat Room and Archive. Read the chat you missed in the Chat Archive, also located there.

See discussions about the paper and its topics by other students asynchronously on the Message Board. You may even post a section of your paper and read another student's paper there.

If you are having trouble POSTING or READING a message on the message board, see MessageBoard Instructions.

If you need organizational help for your paper, see Organization and Outlines, located in Paper Format and Test Instructions. If you want to see some samples of papers, see Paper and Test Archive.

If you are taking a test, get rules and instructions for tests on Paper Format and Test Instructions. If you want to see some samples of tests, see Paper and Test Archive.

Information about taking tests off-campus, review Proctored Exams.

When you are ready to send your paper in, see Paper and Test Exchange located in Paper Format and Test Instructions.

To figure out what that grade on your paper is worth, see Grading and Assessment.

If you have any questions, contact me at englitguy@earthlink.net.

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Last modified: February 23, 2012