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How To Submit A Paper

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A major factor to being successful in a writing class is feedback on your papers. Please examine the following options for submission and retrieval of your work. If you do not choose one of these you will not get your papers or tests back. That may lead to a poor grade, as seeing your mistakes will help you become a better writer. Also, for every work except for the final paper, I offer you an opportunity to revise for a better grade. Take advantage that option.

For my on-campus courses, you will hand your work to me on the assigned day in class. If for some reason you are unable to do that particular option, you must send your work to me at englitguy@earthlink.net For my on-campus courses, these are your ONLY options.

For my online courses, you have several types of assignments and you have three primary ways to get your work to me.

  • Responses, Discussion Group postings, Discussion Group Responses: These three types of assignment are directly posted in Canvas. I will read them there and then respond to you by e-mail. You do not need to send these by e-mail.
  • Tests: You will leave your test at the testing center when your test is done. I will respond to you by e-mail.
  • Paper 1, Final Paper, Peer Edit, Outline (101 and literature courses only), Annotated Works Cited (101 and literature courses only): Send an attachment (MS WORD or MAC Pages) via e-mail to englitguy@earthlink.net- do not send it as e-mail text, as the formatting will be lost.
    You'll find that there is no option for submitting these through Canvas. You'll receive two responses from me by e-mail in direct response to your e-mail to me in which you sent me the work. The first response will simply indicate that I got your work. You'll receive a much longer reply then later on down the line in which I will actually evaluate and explain your paper or other work and explain what to do to fix it if necessary. You'll also receive a due date for that revision. There are no extensions for that revision.
  • For all work except for the final paper, the penalty for late work is a shorter revision time, but no work is accepted one week after the original post a due date.
  • For the final paper (for which there is no revision), each day the work is late will result in a loss of a grade (B becomes a C), with any final paper later than four days not being accepted at all.

How To Retrieve Your Paper or Test By Hand: YOU MAY NOT TAKE ANYTHING OUT OF ANY MAILBOX. Retrieve your paper (only if you submitted a hardcopy) or test from my office during my office hours (posted on the main web site page) or from the plastic tray outside my door if I have instructed you to do so. If you want me to explain the marks on your work, come by during my office hour. IT IS ILLEGAL TO TAKE OR READ ANYONE ELSE'S PAPER.

And now a word of device: If you have some issue that is preventing you from submitting your work on time, you're far more likely to receive a sympathetic ear and a helpful suggestion if you contact me BEFORE the due date. If you contact me AFTER the due date, I might be inclined to feel that the story you tell, true or not, is more of an excuse for lack of planning on your part. As always, take care of the situation before it becomes a major problem.

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