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  • What It's Like (Schrody)
    BIO: Everlast
    HIST: 90's Music Scene, Homelessness (esp. Los Angeles), Teen Pregnancy, Social Stigmas

  • Polly (Cobain)
    MARXIST: Curt Cobain; Nirvana
    CULT: Rapists, Torture victims;
    HIST:Actual Event

  • Ball and Chain (Ness)
    BIO: Mike Ness; Social Distortion
    HIST: Grunge Scene; Psychology of Self-destruction; Alcoholism

  • Precious Things (Amos)
    BIO: Tori Amos, esp. childhood and young adulthood
    HIST: New Women's Movement; Sexual Roles in 90's; Socialization of Adolescents
  • Cross Road Blues (Johnson)
    BIO: Robert Johnson
    HIST: Racism in South in 60's; Mysticism and Devil Images in American Culture; Theory of Redemption in Western Culture; Blues Music in America
  • Big River (Cash)
    BIO: Johnny Cash
    HIST: Mississippi River Culture; Riverboat Culture; Geography of Mississippi River

  • Okie from Muskogee (Haggard)
    BIO: Merle Haggard
    HIST: Conservative Response to Counter-culture; Hippie Movement; Politics in late 60's/early 70's
  • Like a Rolling Stone (Dylan)
    BIO: Bob Dylan
    HIST: Protest Movement; Beat Culture; Politics in late 60's Early 70's; Folk Music of the 60's

  • Sam Stone (Prine)
    BIO: John Prine
    HIST: Vietnam War; Heroin/addiction; Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome
  • Livin For the City/Superstition (Wonder)
    MARX: Stevie Wonder
    HIST: 60's- 70's Inner City Culture; Female Stereotypes

  • Superfly (Mayfield)
    MARX: Curtis Mayfield
    HIST: 60's - 70's Inner City Culture; 70's Drug Culture;
  • Big Yellow Taxi (Mitchell)
    BIO: Joni Mitchell
    HIST: 70's Environmentalism; DDT; Urbanization of America; Car Culture in America

  • Do It Again (Becker/Fagan)
    BIO: Donald Fagan; Walter Becker; Steely Dan
    HIST: East Coast Ivy League Intellectualism; Moral Relativism
  • Flight of Icarus (Smith, Dickinson)
    BIO: Smith, Iron Maiden
    HIST: Mythology; Early Metal Movement

  • Paranoid (Ozborne/Ward/Butler/Iommi)
    BIO: Ozzy Ozborne; Black Sabbath
    HIST: Poverty in 50's/60's England; Classism in English Educational System; Manic Depression; Alcoholism
  • A Day in the Life (Lennon/McCartney)
    BIO: John Lennon; Paul McCartney
    HIST: Social Complacency; Desensitization of a Populace; Bureaucracy

  • Come Together (Lennon/McCartney)
    BIO: John Lennon; Paul McCartney; The Beatles
    HIST: Social Complacency; Politics of late 60's, Drug Culture of late 60's

  • Dogs (Gilmour/Waters)
    BIO: Roger Waters; Pink Floyd
    HIST: Corporate Business; Business Ethics

  • Sheep (Gilmour/Waters)
    BIO: Roger Waters; Pink Floyd
    HIST: Social Complacency; Psychology of Terror; Psychology

  • Throwing Stones (Barlow/Weir)
    BIO: Bob Weir; J. P. Barlow; Grateful Dead
    HIST: Environmental Movement of 80's and 90's; World Affairs during 80's and 90's; Rainforest Action Network

  • Truckin (Hunter)
    BIO: Robert Hunter; Grateful Dead
    HIST: Rock and Roll Lifestyle in '70's, Psychology of Stardom; Drug/Psychedelic Movement; Merry Pranksters; Acid Tests

  • White Rabbit (Slick)
    BIO: Grace Slick; Jefferson Airplane; Great Society
    HIST: Drug/Psychedelic movement; Hippies, Haight/Ashbury; Acid Tests
Rap/Hip Hop
  • Gangsta's Paradise (Coolio)
    Marxist: Coolio's Beliefs
    HIST: Gang Culture of Los Angeles; Effect of Television on Culture and Expectations; Gangsta Rap; Violence in Inner Cities

  • It Was a Good Day (Ice Cube)
    Marxist: Jackson's Beliefs
    HIST: Gang Culture of Los Angeles; Gangsta Rap; Violence in Inner Cities

  • Dear Mama (Tupac Shakur)
    BIO: Shakur's Life
    Marxist: Shakur's Beliefs
    HIST: Gang Culture ; Gangsta Rap; Violence in Inner Cities, Homelessness, Dug Addiction, Single Parent Families
Hard (Classic) Rock
  • Song Remains the Same/Rain Song (Page/Plant)
    BIO: Robert Plant; Jimmy Page; Led Zeppelin
    HIST: Rock and Roll Lifestyle in '70's; Psychology of Stardom

  • Life's Been Good (Walsh)
    BIO: Joe Walsh; The Eagles; The James Gang (band)
    HIST: Rock and Roll Lifestyle in '70's; Psychology of Stardom
  • John Henry (Mitchell/traditional)

    HIST: Biography of John Henry; Mythology in America; Building of railroads in 1800's; Racism; Mechanization of America
  • El Paso (Robbins)
    BIO: Marty Robbins' life, esp. childhood
    HIST: Cowboy and western mythology and archetypes; Stereotypes of west and Mexico;

  • Streets of Laredo (traditional)
    BIO: Cowboy literature and poetry
    HIST: Cowboy and western mythology and archetypes; Stereotypes of West vs. Actual Lifestyles in West

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