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How To Use The Course Calendar
Using all of this information requires a bit of organization, so follow these general instructions. For each week, begin by reading assigned work from the internet, indicated by an author’s last name and the story title. The Primary Source literature itself, listed by title and author, is on line. A Google search with title and the word TEXT will find the work if the provided link does not work. Following that, read the online presentation of the writing Strategy/Format for the week (Org & Outline, Quoting Your Sources, How To Take A Test, etc.). You are also required to read the Literary Terms for that week in Online Presentations (Character, Theme, Irony, etc.). Finally, read Questions for Reading and Writing. Anything not associated with page numbers or an author's name will be covered in chat. This will allow you to follow the schedule and be topical in the chat room. Read the directions. Assignments and due dates for papers and tests are posted on CANVAS. Most of this syllabus is self-explanatory. The following is a plan for the semester.

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5
ASSIGNMENT: Term Paper due/Final Test Prep

Week 6
Finals Week: Final Exam

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